On Tuesday, Residential Education acknowledged that several who preassigned to the Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo) were mistakenly assigned to Theta Delta Chi (TDX) due to a “procedural data entry error.” ResEd has reviewed its procedures and discovered a flaw in their method of assigning students to campus residences. “We typed it in wrong,” explained University spokesman McIntilbert McMurtle via email.

A growing number of Stanford students, however, are claiming that ResEd’s “error” is in fact an effort by university administrators to sabotage campus Greek organizations, reminiscent of the Office of Student Affair’s short-lived decision to revoke TDX’s housing earlier this year. “I mean, right now it’s not a huge deal to have a few random students living in the house,” said Sig Nu sophomore Josh Tanksley, “But just imagine: next year they house a few more FroSoCo students in TDX, then the year after that they add a few more, pretty soon, you have a FroSoCo on the Row. Operation Kill Campus Life: complete.”

Others aren’t as convinced that ResEd is intentionally undermining campus social life with their recent mistake. Current FroSoCo RA Gregory Nordhoff, ‘19 believes ResEd’s explanation: “I don’t think Stanford would have any reason to intentionally assign a handful of students to a barren region of campus and leave them completely and utterly socially stranded.” Nordhoff instead hopes ResEd will reverse their assignments. “FroSoCo is a really vibrant community on campus and we would take a big hit if our most committed residents—the preassigns—couldn’t live here.”

Unfortunately for those affected, ResEd has maintained that there is no guarantee that affected students will be able to fulfill their preassignment: students will only have the options to either attempt to reassign FroSoCo or reassign to another residence. On the bright side, ResEd has promised that no matter where they end up, students will have the option of participating in TDX’s unique preassign program “This Means I’m Woke”, which involves hanging up signs with vague slogans like “TDX Stands With Survivors” and joining in group photos of brothers posing with “Of Course I’m A Feminist” stickers.

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