It’s a story truly worthy of attention on this Valentine’s Day February 14th, and it can teach us just a little bit about the power of love.

Christopher Duke and Amy Morgan are not your typical married couple. He’s the 70-year-old owner of multibillion dollar steel conglomerate Alcoa, and she was a busty blonde personal trainer at the gym where he rode the stationary bike twice a week. Yet one day she worked up the courage to seduce him after his workout, and now they are happily in love.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said a family friend who wished to remain anonymous. “Not only did they have to work through a 47-year age difference, but on top of that a massive income disparity as well. The fact that they were able to do both really speaks volumes about what the human heart is capable of.”

The loving pair does everything together: from buying Amy a new pink convertible with vanity plate, to making sure Christopher remembers to take his prostate medication. Even Duke’s own teenage grandsons have expressed awe at the deep and passionate tenderness between the two, saying of their new grandmother, “Hot damn.”

Duke’s lawyer was also quick to note the duo’s palpable chemistry. “I really saw the sparkle in her eye when he was signing the will that would leave her half of his immense fortune. It just shows that even in kind of a morbid situation like that, she was just incredibly loving and excited to be with him.”

So let them be a lesson for the naysayers who claim that true love is only for birds of a feather. After all, Christopher and his old wife were both old and unattractive, and now they’re divorced.

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