In what has been misleadingly marketed as “Stanford’s Newest Study Abroad Program,” the Ram’s Head Theatrical Society’s ongoing production of Chicago is startling audience members when they discover that entry into Memorial Auditorium does not, in fact, transport them 2165.1 miles northeast to the windy city itself.

“False advertising really jimmies my jam,” complained Daniel Weber ’19. “I didn’t get into Stanford in New York, so I figured this was my best shot at studying abroad — and for only $10! But turns out it was just a fancy musical.”

Other attendees were similarly taken aback.

“I had sorta just assumed Ram’s Head got enough student funds to build a literal transportation device in Memorial Auditorium; I mean, what else could MemAud be good for?,” asked Ronald Perkins ’21, a CS and EE double major. “I want my money back.”

Perkins later admitted he actually really liked the show.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evelyn Nosnhoj of the TAPS department remarked that she actually thought she was in the real-life second city all the way up through the last act; it wasn’t until the show ended that reality hit her.

“I walked out of MemAud, expecting to see the Sears building, but all I saw was fucking Hoover Tower,” Nosnhoj said. “I just thought the show itself was an added bonus — like, teleportation with a really good musical production on the side. But I guess it was really just a good musical production. What a let down!”

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