Alright, everybody, go home: looks like Nike just won the internet.

When Twitter users who followed the Workers Rights Consortium awoke early Thursday morning, they were met with what could’ve easily been a one-off diss. In an act of pettiness that would make even Tay-Tay blush, the labor safety watchdog group had come at Nike, Inc.’s neck with a spicy roast straight out the oven, calling out the company’s so-called “inhumane working conditions.”


Shots fired! But the shoes and sportswear giant wasn’t about to take that one lying down.


Wow — now that’s what I call doing social media right!

But the Workers Rights Consortium just wouldn’t take no for an answer, and clapped back at Nike with a meme of their own. Shots fired off the starboard bow, captain!


But Nike was 👏 done 👏 with 👏 that 👏 bull 👏 and immediately came back at the haters with even more dank-ass content.


And just to make sure the message had been sent, the $28 billion corporation slammed it outta the park with one last, brutal take down. Sayonara, suckas — this ain’t yo momma’s PR department!


#win much, Nike? Don’t @ me!

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