Students are in outrage after Bone Marrow transplant trucks were seen on campus last week. Bone Marrow transplant volunteers ask for students only to get swabbed to be put in a database. While at first, it seems like a good thing to do for people in need, studies show that getting swabbed may lead to giving other donations.

“Bone Marrow swabs are a gateway donation,” said sophomore Kyle Stockton. “First, you get swabbed, then they call you back to actually donate bone marrow, then what? Blood Donations? Liver transplants? Donating to Haitian earthquake victims? Where does it end?”

Many other students have questioned the merits of getting swabbed. Junior Sarah Whistler said, “I had a friend who got swabbed once. Now she’s donating to Kiva and baking at Challah for Hunger every week. It’s an addiction, and she needs help.”

“I thought my roommate was clean,” said Freshman Tony Calhoun, “but I saw his driver’s license. It has an organ donor sticker on it. I was shocked. I knew he got swabbed once, but I had no idea it had gone so far.”

If any of your friends have had similar behavior, they may also be an addict. Talk to your RA to get them help, and by all means, do not get swabbed. It may lead to harder donations in the future.

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