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As application season for summer jobs swings into full gear, one enterprising student has found trouble in an unexpected place: after changing his major to CS halfway through a career fair, sophomore Noah Evans was overwhelmed by “so, so many” job offers.

“I was actually a Classics major up through the first 45 minutes of the fair,” Evans said. “But I just got sick of being rejected and neglected by t-shirt-wearing recruiters, so I went on Axess and switched into the School of Engineering. It changed everything.”

According to Evans, he just wanted a real internship for once. He denied having been influenced by Silicon Valley’s tech culture or by the enticing job offers and summer salaries of his engineering school peers.

“I’ve actually always been interested in computers,” Evans insisted. “They just happened to come second to classical literature. But if you think about it, the two are actually quite similar. For example, computers have letters on the keyboards, and books have letters, too, on the pages.”

“I’m thankful that Stanford introduced me to my true passion before it was too late,” he added. “CS is practical, and I know that I can really make my mark on the world as a mid-tier software developer.”

After the change, Evans was stunned by all the attention he received.

“The recruiters kept fawning over me,” Evans said. “I think I received around 37 interviews on the spot. At a certain point, I had to run back to my dorm to print out more resumes!”

Unfortunately, Evans is now quite nervous about all his technical interviews.

“I actually haven’t taken any CS courses yet,” he said. “When I try to read C++, well, it’s all Greek to me!”

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