In light of the criticism his swastikas drew for being only “swastika-like”, the man who has been drawing said symbols around campus has decided to enroll in ARTSTUDI 145, Intro to Painting, in an effort to perfect the symbol. “For our first class, we were just supposed to be painting squares,” recalled sophomore Nadia Razzist. “But it just seemed like he was painting the same lines over and over again.” Nadia added that his doodles kind of looked like a swastika, but not really. “He just needs to practice.” Early the next morning, a series of swastikas was found all around the McMurtry Building. “He appeared to get better as he was painting them,” said a spokesperson for the Stanford Department of Public Safety. ARTSTUDI 145 professor Terry Power agreed. “There’s no denying that these images are definitely more like swastikas than before. I guess practice really does make perfect.”

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