Fratastic, a new application for iPhone and Droid that hit the Stanford scene in late September, has proven wildly popular among students by offering an alternative mode of weekend partying.  The app takes the user on a virtual journey through a Stanford Saturday night without the necessity of leaving one’s dorm room.  Really a “choose-your-own-adventure” activity, the opening screen reveals a map of The Row and highlights the fraternities known for their alcoholic extravaganzas.  Choose your favorite and you’re off!

This innovative application pushes the boundaries of technology with its realistic features such as the Perspiration Dial that controls the amount of sweat the user is doused with upon opening the app, ranging from “Horribly Humid” to “Wet and Wild.”  The realistic sound effects give the impression of one’s shoe sticking to the tile floor in a half dried puddle of beer.  With Fratastic’s online chat feature, users can virtually get their grind on with other shut-ins around campus without sacrificing that precious moment of running into unwanted company.  Furthermore, the simulation also tries to separate the user from his or her online friends, to make the experience truly authentic.  Users can even opt out of the big dance parties in favor of a pregame scenario in which they can play beer pong and get virtually smashed in a homey venue.

The popularity of Fratastic has soared in recent weeks, to the demise of fraternity brothers who rely on the live action parties for socialization.  “With Fratastic, I can go hard every night of the weekend and I don’t even have to change out of my sweatpants to do it!” said one exuberant sophomore, Molly Kost, in a review of the new product.  “I get all of the shame without any of the hangover!”

As a consequence of more students partying via smartphones, frat houses have received many fewer guests, turning their parties into enjoyable, chill “kick-backs,” lacking any of the loud, gross appeal they formerly had.

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