It is reported that Comparative Literature student Emmett Capanard keeps referring to his classes by their course code, as if anyone else on campus knows what the fuck his humanities-learnin’ ass is talking about.

“I asked Emmett what he was taking this fall,” recalled Emma Blevins, a Computer Science major. “And I swear to God, he said to me, ‘Well, I’m mainly excited for 223.’ Yeah, asshole, as if I know what that means.”

Others were equally confused.

“This fucking kid, man,” commented Edmundo Reyes, Capanard’s RA. “I asked him if he had a chill schedule, and his answer, verbatim, was ‘Well, 119 isn’t gonna be too bad, but 40X is supposed to be a real killer.’”

Reyes, who is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, had no idea what any of that meant.

“What kind of self-obsessed egotist assumes everyone else has an inherent understanding of their particular major’s course naming conventions?” Reyes said, rolling his eyes. “You really can’t just tell me what the classes are about? Jesus Christ, dude.”

Of course, not every class on Capanard’s schedule seems beyond his peers’ grasp.

“To be fair, he did tell me he was taking 106A this quarter,” Reyes conceded. “So at least I know that much.”

Capanard appreciated the recognition.

“Oh, yeah, ‘CompLit 106A: Gendered Paradigms in Post-Elizabethan Monology’ is supposed to be really interesting,” commented Capanard. “I’m happy everyone is being so supportive of it.”

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