The Trump administration must be shaking in its boots right now, if they have any idea the shitstorm they’re about to face. When the political cartoon I just wrote hits the mass media tomorrow morning, impeachment is going to be the last of Old Man Trumpy’s problems. Seriously, this little cartoon is going to save America.

Now, stay with me a second because, to be fair, I did have some tech trouble when it came to uploading the jpg of the thing. I’ve never been much of a computer whiz, and I think there was some sort of file conversion error or something? Not really sure on the details, but basically, I can’t show you the cartoon right now. But rest assured, America — this satire is potent enough to obliterate the entire GOP with it’s brutal wit.

Let me paint a picture for you: Trump is sitting on a throne, and the throne’s legs are made of four motherfucking rotten pieces of wood. And then the throne is labeled “wealth” and the wood is labeled “the gold standard” and it’s all on top of a Constitution that’s on fire. And then Trump has a crown on but it says “President DUMP” and it is also on fire. Trump is crying and the tears are eagles who are also crying smaller eagles.  Behind Trump is a map of Syria except all of the major cities’ names are replaced by the words “fiduciary conflict of interest” and all the rivers are full of trout. This is a metaphor, obviously.

Anyways, it looks like the image uploader is still buffering or something and I’m not totally sure it’s going to work at all, but when it’s ready to go… hoo, boy, “President” “Trump” isn’t gonna know what hit him! Until then I hope this description gave you a sense of what’s in store.

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