iSwineFlu Goes Viral on iTunes App Store

May 5, 2009 12:29 am
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iSwineFlu Goes Viral on iTunes App Store

The creators of iSwineFlu have succeeded in making their app go viral. With over ten million downloads in the last two weeks, this app has been quite the hit on the iTunes store.

The iSwineFlu app keeps the user informed with the latest information about the spread of the swine flu. It uses the iPhone’s geolocation feature to allow tracking as the swine flu moves from city to city and across the country in real time. The app is available in every country and in every language so that everyone can experience iSwineFlu.

“iSwineFlu isn’t your standard iPhone app ,” said developer Howard Wi. “Once a user installs iSwineFlu, the app is automatically texted to all of their friends, and this allows the app to spread exponentially.” Additionally, the app can be transmitted by breathing into the microphone, or by coughing.

Users have commented that their experience with iSwineFlu is very similar to other viral applications, but many users who have had the app for an extended period of time have died.