In this crazy roller coaster called college, it’s very easy to lose perspective. Us students often have a hard time seeing the bigger picture, and small issues tend to get blown way out of proportion. I’m here to kindly remind you: not everything in life is as important as your brain tricks you into thinking it is. It’s easy to waste your time by procrastinating with meals, exercise, and sleep instead of doing homework, but in the end, remember: your body is just a vessel through which you get good grades.

Sometimes I get swept up in the moment by my intense exhaustion and weakness from skipping four meals in a row and pulling an all nighter to study, so I’ve started repeating this new mantra to re-motivate myself: “My Body is a Temple that only straight A’s can fit inside of.” If I say it enough times, it’s all the nourishment I need to continue my take-home midterm with full focus. I also keep powdered meal replacements with open lids in my room for those few seconds between coming back from class and starting a p-set when I have time to breathe in really hard from across the room and swirl up a little bit of food dust onto my tongue.

Another piece of perspective I find valuable is the fact that I can always make friends later in life, but right NOW is the only time I’ll ever get to stare at the same page of writing for twelve hours straight and then drown in a pool of my own sweat and coffee backwash. Unborn friendships will always be there waiting; unborn research papers won’t.

I hope this article can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel a little more clearly this week. To reiterate one more time: as long as the good grades are on the horizon, your body can undergo anything, and it will be justified.

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