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The room is undecorated, apart from a poster on the wall advertising an upcoming a capella concert. A circle of collapsible chairs sit under a single ceiling light – they are filled by students struggling to make sense of the events that took place. Faces are stained equally with rain and tears, spirits are low. The poignant silence is broken as a student begins to speak:

“Nobody can prepare you for something like that.” Freshman Michael Grear chokes out his thoughts. “They promise you sunshine year-round, but I was naive to believe such deception.”

 Michael’s Friday morning started just the same as any other. He woke up early to finish up his Economics Pset before walking to section. He put on his normal sandals and sunglasses, but as soon as he exited Roble Hall, his mistake became all too clear. “At first I had this feeling like something very important was missing, and then I realized that thing was the sun. The sun was gone, obscured somehow. And then, the first few drops landed on my forehead and open toed shoes. Splashing. I stood there in the rain for twenty minutes unable to act. My books, my laptop, my hair – all drenched. I truly believe I would have remained there for the entire day, had I not been rescued by Glen.”

“Yeah I don’t know what the hell that was all about,” said Sophomore Glen Delaney when interviewed about Friday’s events. “I was on my way back from Arrillaga and saw this guy standing outside crying, just standing there getting poured on by the roof-runoff. Was a weird morning bro.”

“I never knew Glen before, but he gave me direction and inspiration when I needed it most” Michael continued. “His words will always remain in my head. ‘Go inside’ he said, ‘stop standing underneath the roof runoff.’ Kindness like that doesn’t come often.”

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