In a dramatic move that stands to disrupt the political scene on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea yesterday launched a full on Hydralisk attack on a South Korean island expansion base.

President Obama, a South Korean ally, said he had been trying to send Cloaked Wraiths and Overlords into the North Korean base for a long time. “We had no idea they were preparing to attack,” Obama said. “I even tried using ‘black sheep wall’ but that Kim Jong-Il is just so darn secretive.”

Many are clamoring for the US to send aid. Former US gamer George W. Bush is promoting sending an army of SCV’s to North Korea to build a democratic Terran infrastructure in the country.

While some Americans say we shouldn’t meddle in Starcraft battles overseas, many think it is our duty to spread the ideals of Terran and that we have overwhelming evidence that North Korea has Command Centers with Nuclear Silo attachments, even though terrorist Zealots in Afghanistan pose just as much of a security threat.

In a press conference, Obama showed his support for South Korea and explained his stance on the issue. “First, we must focus on domestic problems such as the national mineral deficiency, our depleting Vespene Geysers, and uneducated Zerglings illegally entering the base from the south, stealing the jobs of hard working Firebats.”

It appears the US will not be helping out South Korea just yet, but the South Korean Photon Cannons can only hold off the North Korean Hydras for so long. Only time will tell.

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