So I had my Chem midterm this week, and I thought it was actually really easy. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, especially because I barely studied. I had, like, 3 papers due this week and another midterm coming up, so I honestly didn’t even care about this one at all. But I guess something clicked because I was out of there in no time. 

I don’t know why this subject comes so naturally to me—it shouldn’t because I never even try in the class. I only show up for lecture like half the time. Well, maybe a quarter of the time… I mean, I missed probably two lectures already. Sure, I watch them online afterwards, but I’m basically just on Steam pretending to watch most of the time, so I barely even pay attention. Pretty sure my 1-sub isn’t even halfway full of notes at this point. 

You don’t understand, I barely even studied for this midterm. I skimmed the material for probably two days, three days tops. Five at the most but I was at the football game during one of those study sessions. Yet somehow I stepped out of that testing room with a good 50 minutes to spare. And, I don’t want to brag, but I think everyone was pretty impressed. I saw a dozen or so heads turn my way. I just think it’s funny because they probably thought I studied a ton. 

But I didn’t study that much. I didn’t think I would know any of the answers but I guess it was just an easy test. I don’t know. There were still a lot of people taking it when I left, because I left early and all, but I personally didn’t think it was a very hard midterm. 

Anyway, my midterm went okay, and I think looked pretty cool leaving it early. 

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