Breaking the sinews of his cocoon, Kappa Tau pledge Scott Wright releases a long, screeching wail from his four mouths. He is ready. He has almost completed the metamorphosis process begun when he accepted his fraternity bid. Only a young larva then, he has broken out of his human form to undergo a long, grueling transformation into his new, true essence.

And now, the metamorphosis, colloquially called “pledging,” is complete.  Hanging upside-down from the ceiling inside his silky encasement, Scott has grown wings with the span of a condor, nine eyes, a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt permanently fused with his skin-armor.

He will now enter the final phase of his rebirth: rupturing the walls of his self-spun cocoon, made of the silk secreted from his anus. He will leave his sheath on the next full moon, emerging more powerful than he ever imagined. Scott will shotgun a beer and join his brothers to hunt, preying on the young of other frats. He will be a frat star.

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