The lounge of Xanadu collectively paused, shifted its weight, and looked slightly off to the side Thursday evening as area babe Natalie Rojas voiced dissatisfaction with society’s “unrealistic” standards for female beauty, the very ones she totally blows away.

“It’s like a straight jacket,” she said, brushing her cascading hair away from her twinkling hazel eyes as her peers tried to just look at their hands. “It’s something women face every day, and I just can’t stand it anymore.”

Rojas has taken a vocal stance this year against the gendered politics of beauty, drawing uncomfortable smiles and awkward nods at body acceptance demonstrations across campus. Junior Roscoe James, who was present in the lounge, recalled, “I saw her at White Plaza last week holding a ‘Beauty At All Sizes’ sign. I sort of just gave her a ‘thumbs up’ and walked on.”

Sources close to the lounge indicate that Rojas went on to bemoan society’s expectation that she wear makeup and high heels, completely ignoring the manifest beauty of her facial features and her already-slender legs.

“It almost sort of made her even hotter in a really tense, awkward way,” one onlooker noted. “Like, she doesn’t know she’s pretty. Or how tense the room gets when she starts talking. What a babe.”

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