As October enters full swing, midterms loom over us, and the Stanford a cappella singers prepare for the next phase of their yearly cycle. The a capella spend much of their time in dormancy, with the fall, winter, spring, and summer months spent in total camouflage. Nevertheless, a brief flurry of activity presents itself in February, when the a capella come out of the woodwork and sing their mating call, “Brown Eyed Girl.”

Although, to the casual observer, this frenzy may seem like wakeful activity, it is in fact a fugue state entered by the a capella, an instinctual ritual devoid of conscious thought. Truly, it is only in September that the a capella emerge from their dormant state, awaking once again to regale us with their sweet melodies and seek out more of their kind.

But, this time has now come to an end. After their limelight hits a riotous climax at the Party On The Edge, the tired a capella ready themselves to sleep for a long eleven months, until the students of Stanford are ready to once again convince themselves that they want to watch people awkwardly sway with their torsos as they sing in unison. We do not know where the sweet singers go for the rest of the year. And truly, we do not care.

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