On NBC’s hit show ‘The Voice’, singers from across the country use their throats and mouths to compete for the hearts and minds of the American public. But there’s a new face part in town. Looking to capitalize on America’s obsession with beautiful talented people making sounds with their faces, ABC has launched its own show; ‘The Nose Sounds.’

Using a format almost identical to its predecessor’s, “The Nose Sounds” will match competitors with celebrity “coaches” who lead the contestants on their snorting, sniffing path to stardom.

Celebrity nose performer and coach Noseph Gordon-Levitt spoke with the Flipside about the beauty and diversity of the show. “Floppy noses. Pointy noses. Wet noses. All noses are welcome. And, to me, that’s the most inspiring part. Art is universal. Old, young, rich, we even had a poor person. Because nose sounds don’t come from here [gesturing at nose], they come from the heart.”

Critics of ‘The Nose Sounds’ are few, but highly vocal. This is generally attributed to their use of their mouths. “That show is a bunch of baloney,” said Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers. “In 1997, I saw a 50 year old man blow his nose for a minute on stage. But now? It’s just about nose-sex appeal. The magic is gone. In its place are a bunch of hairless nostrils nose-whistling the form to death.”

If the show is a success, fans have reason to expect it will be renewed for a second season.

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