Despite the best efforts of students for whom the wounds of last year’s war on R&DE are all too fresh, it is a very real possibility that a dear friend will leave campus next year- Ike’s. Upon learning of this devastating departure, the Flipside asked students around campus to share their favorite Ike’s stories and memories with us. These moving testimonials show that Ike’s will always live on in our hearts.

Joe Westcliffe ’16, Computer Science – “Ike’s was an important part of my love life! Those sandwich names gave me the chance to work sexual innuendos into conversation in a natural, safe way. What am I going to do now that I can’t say, ‘Hey girl, how about a threeway? Whoa, hold on, I meant the sandwich! You know, a threesome with me, you, and Jessica. No, my sandwich is called Jessica! It’s quirky and fun. Just like our Tantric Oral Sex Hour. No, no, THAT’S also a sandwich. Do YOU like the tantric oral sex hour? Come on, just say it.’ I’ll miss Ike’s…”

Michelle D’Anna ’15, Engineering Physics – “Where will I find a line that long to wait in again? That was a key part of my day, a chance to get my texting done or to stare at my phone to avoid making eye contact with that guy who I know, but I can’t remember where I know him from. Maybe PWR 2? I’ve heard people are switching to the Post Office to get their line fix, but, well, Ike’s was different. Ike’s was special.”

Lucy Bowers ’17, CSRE – “Oh yeah, I heard there was a sandwich place somewhere over on that part of campus. I mean, I haven’t really made it there yet. It’s closing? That’s a real shame. I heard the sandwiches were good. But there’s still Arrillaga Late Nite. Have you tried their rotisserie chicken?”

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