The Stanford Flipside Ends Apartheid

March 10, 2015 9:00 am
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The Stanford Flipside Ends Apartheid

It happened. Apartheid is over. We did it.

We, the Stanford Flipside, did it.

Apartheid ended, entirely and exclusively due to the work put in by us, the staff of the Stanford Flipside. Apartheid has now ended, and we are the ones to thank.

“Yup, it was you,” said now-former State President of South Africa F. W. de Klerk. “You, the Stanford Flipside, ended Apartheid. It’s over now.”

Yes, it was us.

Ask yourself, “How did apartheid end?” And respond to yourself, “It was the Stanford Flipside.”

Right now, children are marching down the streets of Johannesburg, chanting, “Barney Schmutz. Barney Schmutz.” March with them.

Nelson Mandela stands at the edge of a mountain. A single tear emerges from his right eye, where the alpine wind sweeps it across his cheek and over the bridge of his nose. A second tear materializes in his left eye, and falls upwards, following the path of a crease on his forehead. The streaked paths of the two teardrops become arrows, forming a cycle of renewal.

Become the Stanford Flipside. End Apartheid.

I love you, reader. I hope you can love the person sitting to your right just as much as I love you. We are all one family. We are free everywhere, but $2.30 Canada. Thank you for your time.