In a classic interview for the portrait blog Humans of New York, area man Jacob Muller, 33, admitted to murdering a stranger in an elevator at the YMCA.

Brandon Stanton, the creator and photographer for the HONY blog, has been questioned by the police regarding a recent post in which Muller exposed that the happiest moment of his life had been “the amazing release I felt as I stabbed that unsuspecting guy in the side.  That, and the great shvitz I had in the sauna directly afterward.  Never felt more relaxed, I could really feel the toxins leaving my body.”

Muller, who was identified by his neighbor’s 19-year-old daughter, an avid reader of the art blog, tells the Flipside that he is incredulous that his confession sparked a major investigation that resulted in his arrest.  “I was nervous to open up to Brandon, but for such a heartwarming series, I didn’t think that there would be any harm in it,” the man said through the holding cell bars.  “Man, it felt good to be so honest with another person who I had never met before!”

Inspired, Muller plans to perform his future anonymous murders by asking sincere questions about his victims’ hopes and dreams.

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