Whether you’re going on your own or with one of Stanford’s many overseas programs, China is a majestic and daunting place to visit. Thankfully, The Flipside’s got you covered with all the great highlights of Chinese tourism that you just can’t miss!

1. Tsinghua University, Beijing:
Consistently ranked among the top three universities in China, Tsinghua University is an elite research institution. Built on the site of a former royal garden, this university is China’s foremost center of multidisciplinary learning.
2. Tsinghua University Library
The famed library of China’s top university; it’s home to over three hundred thousand ancient thread-bound books! That aside, the library’s architecture is also quite impressive and would be worthy in and of itself.
3. The Newspaper And Magazine Collection in the Tsinghua University Library
Home to the collected archives of Tsinghua University’s student publications, this is perhaps the most beautiful of the many fantastic corners of the Tsinghua University Library. Here you can peruse the many magazines and newspapers published by the students of Tsinghua University since its founding.
4. Li Shen’s Booth in the Newspaper And Magazine Collection
Li Shen is really a very nice girl who works very hard in the Tsinghua University’s Newspaper and Magazine Collection. Come say hi to her sometime! It gets lonely.
5. The Lone Coffee Cup on Li Shen’s Desk in Her Booth
How long has that cup been there? We don’t know, but Li Shen is usually so good about keeping things clean. We hope everything is going well with her, but school life can be very hard.
6. Shanghai University
One of China’s premier research institution, its library is home to many special collections dating back to the Qing dynasty. Can’t miss it!

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