I consider myself to be a pretty accepting person.  In fact, I’m the kind of man who will say a friendly hello to you when we pass in the hall regardless of your gender, race, orientation or cologne.  It is precisely because I am so open to anyone that I harbor a strong hatred for judgmental people.  I mean, how can you with good conscience take an entire group of people and judge them, just because they do something you might not like? The next time I meet a judgmental person for the first time, I just want to tell them what a horrible human being they are for trying to judge me without knowing me for longer than a minute.  There is indeed something wrong with our society when a man can judge another because of some abstract or vague quality that he might have a prejudice against.  Maybe if these overly judgmental people just took the time to get to know individuals, instead of grouping people together and judging them, they wouldn’t be such a horrible group.

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