NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.  — Greg Gutfield, notorious New York City club owner, has purchased property next to the Ground Zero Mosque complex which he intends to use for a bicurious night club.  “I really think this will be an opportunity to branch out to Islamic men and women who haven’t yet discovered the gay within but don’t want to say they are going to a ‘gay’ night club“ Gutfield says of the project.

There are many who feel that is insensitive to place a night club next to the Mosque which also serves as a family center.  Gutfield commented, “Sure, it may be more difficult to accurately card party-goers wearing burqa’s but it’d just be bigoted to not open the club on those grounds.  We want to branch out to the Muslim community, not push them away.”

The club will also be the first of its kind and serve a unique role in the city’s club scene.  “Awkward straight people confused about their sexuality have been showing up at gay clubs for years,” laments Stefano, a king in the world of gay night clubs, “now they’ll have their own place to be confused and party.”

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