Rebecca Black, the LA youth who was rocketed to national stardom when her music video “Friday” went viral, has embraced her celebrity status and released a followup to Friday – entitled “Saturday” – at the end of last year. While some themes in her new video and song hearkened back to Friday’s content, many radically new ideas were introduced. Saturday’s Rebecca, for instance, broke from her image as a student and painted a very different picture, that of a saturnalian party unhindered by academic responsibilities. Nevertheless, her unadulterated enjoyment of the small pleasures of spending time with friends is a theme common to both works. Just days ago, Black announced that a third installment is already in the works, but remains frustratingly silent on the topic of the song.

“First we had Friday,” explained music industry expert and blogger Rich Mortenson, “And then she turned around and gave us Saturday. Every time we seem to find an indication of where this is headed, she proves us wrong. She is toying with her fans, and clearly loving it.” Rebecca Black herself has cryptically hinted that the songs may be part of a series, with seven parts in all, possibly in homage to Harry Potter, or a reference to the 7 Deadly Sins. “There are many possibilities,” said Mortenson. “We can’t know yet where this is headed.”

Sources close to Black leaked that the next song might include religious elements, though Black has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors. Across the internet, speculation abounds, as amateur sleuths dissect Black’s two songs for clues that suggest where she will next turn her focus. “Friday, then Saturday…” mused Mortenson. “She’s a wily one, that Rebecca Black. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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