Apple’s October 22 invitation to the unveiling of new iPads has caused feelings of discomfort and claims of insensitivity from certain religious and cultural communities. Brave women everywhere have stood up for the appliance’s right to remain veiled. Maryam Sa’id, the leader of a protest outside the Apple store at the Stanford shopping mall released a statement saying, “We respect the right to choose whether or not to remain veiled, but a celebration glorifying the unveiling of the iPad insinuates that it is preferable over its remaining veiled; the truth is, there is beauty in both. Those who prefer the iPad to remain veiled should have that choice.” Apple has responded to this gentle criticism by keeping the unveiling ceremony in place, but also allowing the purchase of a “veiled” version of the iPad. The box is blank, has no pictures or lists of features, and appeals to those who either prefer the veil or simply prefer an element of mystery. Buying the veiled version requires an extra “dowry” fee, but critics have quieted down now that Apple has shown some cultural sensitivity.

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