Following the release of her breakthrough new hit, “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus has continued to expand her repertoire and explore new metallic horizons. Having already tongued metal balls and hammers, the Disney darling has moved on to making out with automatic sanders, cement mixers, and construction cranes.

It was rumored that Miley made an appearance on Santa Teresa near the site of the new gym, as the collection of metal construction equipment was simply too much for her rabid tongue to pass up. With regards to her metal addition Miley’s spokesperson explained, “We can’t stop. And we won’t stop.” When asked who she wanted to date next now that she and ex-fiancée Liam Hemsworth are through, Miley’s spokesperson shifted uncomfortably and answered, “Robert Downey Jr., but only as Iron Man. That metal suit really turns her on.”

Unfortunately Miley herself could not be reached for comment, as
her tongue was caught in a bicycle wheel.

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