Wikipedia, the free user-generated encyclopedia, has an article describing Florence Moore Hall. Started in 2008, the page features contributions from 16 different users, including Ellis Lau, TerriersFan, Erp, and

Despite only measuring 207 words, the entry has not been deemed a stub, Wikipedia’s denomination for pages “too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject.” Since November 2011, the page has displayed a warning that it “does not cite any references or sources” and that “Unsourced material may be challenged or removed.”

The article’s sole external link connects to the hall’s page on GeoHack, which provides a number of visualization services for its coordinates 37°25’20”N 122°10’18.”

According to the page, the dorm is also known as “Flo Mo.”

Despite being inanimate and unthinking, the three-story structure has met Wikipedia’s often strict standards of notability, which often results in removal of pages lacking “significant coverage in reliable sources.” In doing so, FloMo has earned a degree of vindication that most entities, such as Crothers Hall, the Stanford Flipside, you the reader, and Florence Moore herself never have and likely never will.

At press time, the article does not mention the words “food poisoning.”

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