More like Nineteen-Eighty-RESED, am I right? Sometimes they say reality is scarier than fiction.  Never has that seemed truer now that Resed has started curtailing our freedoms in the name of big-brother style collectivist autocracy.  When I hear about Suites dining being shut down I can’t help but be reminded of George Orwell’s seminal 1984 work 1984, in which a distant authoritarian power oligarchy efficiently represses and brutalizes a complacent populace.  Big Brother is watching you? More like RESED is watching you. The parallels are unnerving.  You think they’re working for you, just like Winston thinks that he has finally found a friend and confidante in O’Brian, but then, BAM, you’re strapped to a chair in the bowels of Tressider with a container of rats hovering near your face.

Man, this also reminds me of Huxley’s masterpiece Brave New World.  Sometimes the best way to catch flies is with honey instead of vinegar, am I right? Give ’em something, anything–promises of accountability in XOX, better food in Suites–to keep them from ever questioning the reality of the confines that trap them snugly.  Soma? More like SOMRESED.  Segregate the different classes of people; keep them from independent collusion.  That’s what they’re after, you know.  Drug ’em.  Keep them swathed in a warm blanket of complacence.  Brave New RESED doesn’t sound that strange anymore, does it?

It doesn’t make me happy to see Stanford descending into dystopian rigidity, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming after reading Suzanne Collins’ young-adult thriller The Hunger Games.  Making the staff of the various Suites dining clubs come to RESED to beg for their jobs sounds eerily remiscent of the twelve districts of Panem having to send two teenage children to The Capitol fight to fight to the death in a glorified cage match.

Seriously, stop walking around with your eyes closed.  Katniss Everdeen? More like Katniss RESEDverdeen.  C’mon people.  Wake the fuck up.

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