Dear Unhelpful Pre-Major Advisor,

I am currently a pre-med, but I think I’m also interested in CS. With all the pre-med requirements, I won’t have time to anything other than Chem and Bio. What should I do?

Confused in Cedro

Dear Confused, Just think about what you want to do. You have a lot of time to think still.  I have a PHD student–we’re working on electrophoresis in plant membranes–I’m sure that everybody deals with similar issues.  Just try to use this time to explore.


Dear Unhelpful Pre-Major Advisor,

I kind of have a crush on my next door neighbor, but I’m worried about asking her out because it would be super awkward if she says no. Do you have any suggestions?

Lovestruck in Loro

Dear Lovestruck, Ah yes, college. 20 units is a lot to be taking your freshman year, but if you think you can handle it you should try it. Once when I was in graduate school, I had to memorize the entire Calvin Cycle, so I wrote out all the reactions on my shower curtain. You have unparalled resources here at Stanford. Make sure you take advantage of them.


Dear Unhelpful Pre-Major Advisor,

I’m really insecure about my weight.  I don’t want to change who I am, but I feel a lot of pressure to conform to Stanford’s culture of fitness.

Heavy in Hammarskjold

Dear Heavy, Just go to office hours. Seriously. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish just by getting to know your professors. I know you’re busy — we’re all busy — but you have to go to office hours.

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