Let’s not sugarcoat this: Tuesday has always been on the chunky side. Chubby? Yeah. Plump? Sure. But out and out fat? That’s just rude. And saying it in French just makes it that much snobbier: “Mardi gras.” At a certain point, we really need to censor our comments about weight. They hurt. And in this case, result in the impending implosion of the “week” as we know it.

Depression was always attributed to Monday, which is obviously the least popular of all days. Then Wednesday became “hump day.” Now, with Tuesday’s image as a “lump day,” the entire beginning of the week is becoming miserable! In an age where the topic of body image is omnipresent, we can do better than this. We need to be sensitive to Tuesday’s wishes; its the only second day of the week we’ve got.

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