Opinion: White Plaza Sax Man Has Real Name

November 29, 2012 9:00 am
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What’s in a name?  Letters, mostly.  But together, those letters make sounds, which in turn represent a person’s identity.  And, even through all the resistance, I strongly feel that we all have this thing that is called a name.  Yes, even the Sax Man.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that we should call the Sax Man by his real name.  Oh no, only that he has one.  I know you’re like, “but we don’t even use his name!”  True.  But, hear me out; this does not prove the name’s non-existence, merely its neglect.  Something of quarter note here is that the existence of a person without a name is just…out of key.  People are identified by the sound of their “name,” not by the type sound they themselves produce (in this case, Sax).

People have an identity, and because identity is signified by a name, anybody without a name lacks an identity, and therefore cannot be a person.  But the Sax Man is a person; he isn’t an alien or a hologram or a narwhal.  And people have names.  Ergo, he must have a name.  I think it might be Harold…