it’s 6:49 am. this fall morning, i peek out from under the covers, pull my favorite, now kind of stinky, pumpkin fuzzy socks off my feet, throw them onto the growing pile of laundry, wiggle my toes, crack my back, walk into the communal bathroom, and take a monstrous shit. i’ll save you the details. just know that the cold, damp floor made my nerves feel goooood in contrast to the thunderous shit i’d just taken. seriously, this shit was of epic proportions.

i come back to my room. it’s 7:02, but something else is different. nothing moved, but i can tell, another pair of eyes has looked over the room. the windows are still closed. the door wasn’t locked, but no one in the house wakes up this early anyways. whatever. i’m just being paranoid.

no i’m not. it’s 5 hours later and i’ve successfully gone to the gym, work, and class. the room still feels eerie. someone else has looked at the corner of my desk that has the rotting bouquet of roses from my ex. the socks on my pile of laundry were stared at. so was my shoe rack. what am i supposed to make of this? is it the feeding hour? perhaps. i slide my cold, dry fingers into the crinkle of a bag of fritos, and munch another handful. the eyes are becoming too much.

it’s the dead of night, god knows what time. i’m “reading” frankenstein (thanks, sparknotes). my toes shiver. my feet feel tingly. my nails feel dry. i want to rip my feet off of my body. then i feel the eyes. i look through the cracks in my blinds. there are no faces. but there are definitely eyes. i think about inviting them in, like a vampire hopes for. instead, i laugh at them, because the housing office will start to charge them if they stay any longer. nobody escapes corporate greed.

let me be frank with you, dear stranger in my window. i am so lonely. i feel like i live in evgr but i’m literally in lantana. the people on my floor whisper when i walk by. oh, mysterious set of eyes watching from afar – come say hi! i promise i don’t bite. i just suck. toes. just like you. i know you think you’re watching me, but really, i’m watching you. god i love doing shrooms.

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