This past weekend, the foremost thinkers of the Stanford student body gathered at Exotic Erotic–a prestigious invitation-only event designed to “allow new ideas to mingle and rub up against each other in a churning mass of intellectual stimulation.” The venue, 680 Lomita–a well known hotbed of academia–was almost too small to contain the crowd that appeared. Event coordinators expected only a handful of attendees, but countless precocious students, ambitious high schoolers, and even a contingent of intellectually-minded local police officers queued up just to get a glimpse of the action.

In true Stanford fashion, the event had an interdisciplinary flavor, bringing together renowned neurobiologists, philosophers, and political scientists from across campus. “The purpose of the event is to really bare all to each other and freely air your beliefs. Maybe your ideas touched someone else’s ideas, and that’s okay. That’s what it’s all about,” said lead organizer Steven Lowdry.

“We were especially thrilled at the number of freshmen who turned out for this event,” added Lowdry. “It was great seeing all these inquiring young minds gather en masse for an opportunity they had clearly waited all year to take advantage of.”

One of those freshmen, Laurie Gellman, gushed, “You could just smell the sweat and hard work that went into planning this event. The environment was literally intoxicating.”

Other freshmen agreed. Donner resident Anne-Marie LaDriscoll said, “I felt so close to people in a way I had never felt before–people I didn’t even know! I felt naked in the presence of such raw intellect.”

All in attendance agreed the event was a success. According to 680 RA Jeffrey Silter, “We are so happy we could provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and other bodily fluids.”

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