The school year is winding down, and if you are a senior that means it is time to start checking off the items on your Stanford Bucket List. However, many of you may not have created your Bucket List, so we took the time to prepare the perfect bucket list for you. Embrace the philsophy of YOLO, but please use with caution.

0. Get a copy of the Flipside bucket list.
1. Hike the dish…. backwards!
2. Get an Honor code violation.
3. Use Zimbra ONE LAST TIME.
4. Shower yourself on your birthday.
5. Take a picture with the Asian tourists in the quad; better yet, tackle an tourist.
6. Swim in Lake Lag.
7. Get drafted #1 overall in the NFL draft.
8. Chug a beer in a final.
9. Tinsel your entire body.
10. Eat at Stern Dining voluntarily.
11. Join a different race.
12. Interact with a Republican.
13. Become permanently scarred from a psych experiment.
14. Realize that being pre-med leads to a painful, early death.
15. Audit an IHUM class. Ask insightful questions during lecture, using big words.
16. Park your bike in the arcades. Just go for it.

Once you have completed all of these tasks, we give you our approval for you to graduate. If you are missing even one of these GERs, we suggest you remain and do a coterm.

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