WASHINGTON- Asked about his post-Presidential ambitions on Sunday, President Obama indicated that he, “[isn’t] sure yet, but [he] may start looking into a coterm in MS&E or something.”

Obama affirmed that the coterm’s flexibility, utility, and affordability made it an attractive offer, rivaling his alternative option of speaking gigs at Martha’s Vineyard and a hefty advance for the writing of his memoir. In addition, he cited the benefit of being able to start graduate-level classes while still completing his last year in the white house.

“I don’t know if I want to jump into the ‘real world’ just yet,” Obama elaborated. “And if you TA during your program, it’s basically free. Plus, it could really be a big boost for my career. You’re spending a fun year making your starting salary bigger, you know? ”

Mr. Obama’s parents praised his son’s decision, saying, “Barry has grown up so much, and I’m so proud that he’s staying on track.” Special attention was given to the summer internship Obama recently secured at Palantir, where he will be specializing in operations and systems management. “With that on his resume and a master’s from Stanford,” Obama’s mother went on, “he should be able to pay off his student loans in no time.”

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