Student at a Loss for New Things to Bitch About

February 9, 2012 6:00 am
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Student at a Loss for New Things to Bitch About

As winter quarter heads into its fifth week, freshman Meagan Farley has seemingly worn out her welcome with most of her friends. While the strife of being overworked has been a popular topic for many students, apparently some have taken it too far. “Only so many times can I sit there and listen to her bitch over how much reading she has to do or how late she stays up,” remarks a bored friend of Farley’s, Anna Romero.

In an intervention-style confrontation, Farley was taken aback by her friend’s annoyance. “You know what?” Farley reportedly exclaimed, “I’m sorry that I’m not entertaining you! From now on, I will ignore all of my problem sets—of which I have two to go finish whenever you’re done bitching at me—until you are perfectly satisfied! The next time you pull an all-nighter, you come enlighten me on some inspired topic!”

Watching Farley storm off in a rage, Romero gawked at a friend sitting close by, giving her a stare of disbelief. Her friend rolled her eyes, pained that she would have to hear Romero go on about Farley for the hundredth time this week.