Construction for a new football stadium will begin next week, as the Cardinal look forward to their 2010-2011 season.  Although planners designed only 400 seats in the stadium, it is predicted to increase Stanford’s future BCS ranking.

“We figured that we could at least sell out half the games with a stadium this big,” said architect and chief engineer Scott Purtens.  “But our main worry is that now the students will be so close to the field the cameras might spot them studying their textbooks at halftime.”

Freshman Nile Launders defends, “Now that our football ranking is higher than our academic ranking, I feel like I need to study whenever I can.”

However, the move to a smaller stadium has yet to gain momentum in other athletic programs.  For CalTech, whose basketball team usually gets tens of fans, the decision to downsize the facility would only further justify why their students never leave the library.

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