Since being declared supreme leader of North Korea after his father’s death, Kim Jong-un has become the number one bachelor in all of North Korea. This week, Kim Jong-un personally made a public
profile on the dating website e-Harmony.

His dating profile offers a unique glimpse into the world of his enigmatic and controversial lifestyle and leadership. His answer to “What are the five things you cannot live without?” states “a strong cup of coffee, reassuring nods, a good back-rub, all Radiohead albums, and prison camps.”

A majority of his pictures on his profile are of him and his deceased father at Six- Flags, and he has uploaded over 200 videos of adorable puppy huskies. Kim Jong-un has also issued a public announcement that his top national priority is to secure a loyal and dutiful wife.

His 50-page application has been made available to several college campuses, Stanford included, and applications can be picked up in the office of Stanford Women in Business starting this Friday.

The application requires over 15 references and specifically states that his future wife must be “able to bleed tears of rejoice and drink massive amounts of Hennessy cognac.”

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