As the 2014 Winter Olympics draw closer, some of the greatest athletics in the world are in preparing to head to Sochi, Russia, for their chance to compete for the gold.  However, not everyone will have the opportunity to make fun of shuffleboard in person, despite their athletic prowess. Stanford sophomore Emily Snorrstoter, in particular, can only look forward to regret and integrals this winter, as her Olympic biathlon bid was cut short by scheduling conflicts with her Math 42 Midterm.

“It’s really a let down, you know,” said Emily. “I’ve been training for this event since I was four years old, and this was probably going to be my only chance to compete. But Professor Lucianovic’s syllabus was very clear, and there’s really no way I can miss this exam.”

Emily has tried to appeal to her professor to have her exam changed to another date. This was unsuccessful, regretfully, as the Math Department was only able to change her test date from February 20th to February 21st. Without a sufficient compromise, Emily has been forced to decide between passing her math class and competing for international renown at the highest level possible for her sport.

“I mean, I understand. Math is important,” Emily conceded. “I’m not actually sure if it’s required for my major yet, but I don’t want to close any pathways yet. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I let my life-long dream of competing in the Olympics get in the way of potentially getting a minor in electrical engineering. Electrical engineering needs Math 42, right?”

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