An event that was planned to raise awareness for a very important and time-sensitive cause was cancelled after singing and performing groups Cardinal Calypso and Talisman were both busy on the night of February 16th.

“We really wanted to raise awareness for the problems overseas, the horrible labor conditions of millions in third world countries and victims of acts of war, but we couldn’t really think of a way to get people to feel the emotion without Talisman. And when Calypso was booked too, having the event that Thursday was absolutely out of the question.”

Frank Seaver, Psychology ’14 and someone who would have attended this event, expressed his sadness at the postponement. “For me, without the music, I simply have no way to connect to the horrors abroad. I mean you can show images or read the news, but it’s not enough.”

The ASSU senate met for three hours to brainstorm, whiteboard, and ideate possible ways to hold this event without Talisman or Calypso, but all efforts were fruitless.

Event organizers considered bringing in Fleet Street, Taiko, Basmati Raas, the Stanford Journal of International Relations, and Running Club, but none of them had the right “attitude” for the job.

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