The world was shocked by the recent news that China and Taiwan will be meeting to talk once again for the first time in over 60 years since their big split in 1949 when Taiwan, after a brief fling with Japan, declared it was forevermore a separate entity who could make its own decisions. Despite this independent spirit, Taiwan could not help but be a little hurt that China didn’t even call for all these years.

“Look man, I lead a busy life!” said China in an interview, “Things have been crazy over here for the last few decades and I don’t think it’s so implausible that I simply forgot to call!”

Taiwan is not buying China’s story, saying, “China could have found one minute to call, I mean, that’s the kind of thing you make time for. I’m not asking for much, even a call on Independence Day would be nice.” China of course rebutted Taiwan’s complaints by stating that Taiwan never chose to pick up the phone either.

It remains to be seen how the initial awkward meeting will go, but sources close to the estranged countries say that they will have a mutual friend present, Singapore, who will help mediate the exchange.

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