Following the success of the Muslim Student Union’s Alternative FMOTQ, the MSU held its first ever Mosque-oleum party to give Mausoleum-wary students another option. Though the MSU wasn’t sure at first whether there would be enough demand to justify the event, an astounding 40% of students polled said they “could maybe see themselves stopping by, like, if there were pizza,” beating out “No thanks” at 10% and second only to “No Opinion.” An aggressive all-campus flyering campaign advertised “SUID to pray, 21+ to fast.” An abundance of halal snacks and the total absence of alcohol or bared ankles made it a veritable Mecca for students looking to get down in a Mohammad-sanctioned way. It didn’t all go off without a hitch, though. Restrictions against portraying a living thing made finding a costume something of a mine field. Said one attendant, “Yeah, there wasn’t too much creativity with the costume selection.”

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