To honor what is, in the words of Stanford President John Hennessy “a gymnasium like no other”, the Arrillaga Dining Commons was christened on Friday to much fanfare. Board members paid tribute to the gym’s illustrious history, beginning as a humble basketball court in the 1960s before expanding to include treadmills, water fountains, and even a front desk area.

The Dining Commons is being billed as the perfect complement to the gym as nutrition and exercise are closely linked, although Hennessy is careful to indicate who begat whom. “The dining commons is no doubt a masterpiece, but without the tireless efforts of the Arrillaga Gymnasium & Weight Room none of this would have been possible. The Arrillaga Gym is an inspiration to us all, a perfect example of how, with a lot of sweat and hard work, anything is possible.”

Prominent alumnus John Arrillaga, who has lent his name to many Stanford buildings, voiced his approval for the naming choice. “I would have loved to have had the new dining hall named after me. I financed much of its construction, after all. But I mean have you seen the gym? That is one nice fucking gym.”

Hennessy ended the tribute to the generosity of the Arrillaga Gymnasium on an upbeat note: “From inflatable exercise balls to matzo balls, and free-weights to free-range chicken,” he said, “the spirit of Arrillaga Gymnasium and Weight Room will live on in the Arrillaga Family Dining Commons.”

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