Two weeks ago, Andrew Luck showed the football community that he is not only a prolific pitcher, but he is a more than willing catcher as well. Late in the first quarter of the UCLA football game, Luck went both ways and switched positions. After taking the snap, Luck handed the ball off to Wide Receiver Drew Terrell who then pitched the ball to running back Tyler Gaffney. Gaffney threw downfield and Luck skillfully caught every inch of Tyler’s ball while falling over the boundaries. It was quite a load to catch, but according to the locker room banter, Luck never disappoints.

Going the other way didn’t please all Stanford fans, however. Says one student who asked to remain anonymous, “Playing Passer and Catcher just isn’t natural. It’s one or the other! Despite the referee review, I thought he was way outside the boundaries.” While some students felt uncomfortable seeing their quarterback experimenting, most at Stanford promote an accepting community.” Andrew Luck is truly talented with his hands,” said Stanford Receiver Griff Whalen.

Despite the campus controversy, the team has been very supportive of the uncharacteristic Saturday reception. Tyler Gaffney rejoiced saying, “I’ve been trying to make a pass at Andrew for years now and I was ecstatic when he finally felt the pleasure of being on the receiving end.”

Watch out BCS, the Heisman hopeful is ready to take any position and cream his opponents.

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