Vietnamese chain restaurant Pho Queue is coming to Stanford. Famous for its long lines and delicious cuisine, it’s sure to get students excited and really arouse everyone’s taste buds.

“I can’t wait to get Pho Queue!” said freshman, Billy Jackson. “I hear their food is really hot and steamy.”

Restaurant owner Ho Fah-Cho is excited to fill the need for more campus eateries. “Pho Queue with Cardinal Dollar or real money,” he said. “Pho Queue right here. Pho Queue to go. Pho Queue all over the place. Morning. Night. Anytime. Pho Queue all day long.”

“I had a Pho Queue in my hometown,” said Sophomore Jimmy Stanten. “It’s great for dates. Not sure if I’d take a girl there on a first date, but for a third or fourth date, Pho Queue for sure.”

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