Everybody’s favorite Chinese couple is back on the air, and they brought the whole brood with them—twins Jia-Fong and Jia-Lei. Min and Chu Plus 2 has delighted Chinese audiences since its inception, and season two promises no shortage of wacky hijinks and frantic parenting. Taking its cue from American show Jon and Kate Plus 8, Min and Chu has ridden a similar formula to the top: filming two normal adults as they struggle to raise an incredibly large family

Its secret to success? “The comedy practically writes itself,” says the show’s producer Shu Yi Feng. “You put two children in same house, you KNOW shenanigans start to happen right away.”

“I cannot wait for next episode!” gushes enthusiastic fan Xuan Li. “It is super two-thumbs-up funny! What will happen when Jia-Fong’s Tiaosheng practice conflicts with Jia-Lei’s calligraphy test? How will Chu find time to make bean curd?!”

The Chinese government’s reluctant decision to sanction Min and Chu’s deviation from the one-child policy appears to have paid off, as the show is now a ratings juggernaut, holding first place over other reality favorites such as China’s Got Virtue and So You Think You Can March In A Single File Line, which is good news for Min and Chu, because if it falls below fourth the entire family will be executed.

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