After dominating the human contestants on Jeopardy, IBM’s Watson has been invited to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Impressed with Watson’s question answering abilities, viewers are excited to see Watson try its hand at dancing.

“I am very excited to participate,” Watson said in his nerdy, monotone computer voice. “I know a lot about dancing from YouTube videos.”

People everywhere are skeptical that Watson will be able to dance like a human, especially since it has no arms or legs.

“Lack of body parts shouldn’t stop it,” said IBMer Randy Crowley. “People always underestimate the ability of computers, and we are here to prove them wrong. Watson has access to how-to guides and can torrent movies like ‘Mamma Mia!’ Watson will learn to be the best dancer in no time.”

People on both sides of the argument are excited, nonetheless. No word on who its partner will be, but frontrunners are ENIAC, C3P0 and Rosie from the Jetsons.

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