This past Sunday marked the deadline for student groups to submit their Special Fee budgets and Declarations of Intent. This can mean only one thing: get your SUIDs ready and inboxes cleared, because petitioning season is about to start.

Among the most notable budgets was that of the Flipside, which requested $14,400 for, among other things, a Segway. According to Helga Weaver, the Flipside’s Financial Officer, the Segway will be used in fulfillment of MyGroups Events 04361–Distribution and 04362–Fun.

Flipside President Barney Schmutz said, “Well at first, we didn’t want a Segway, but when the Appropriations Committee said our initial budget was ‘too reasonable’ to be considered under Special Fees, we decided to make some changes.”

While other groups are going through extensive laundering chains to buy beer with students’ money under “Discretionary Funds,” the Flipside is very direct about the Segway that it will be purchasing.

From the Flipside Editorial board, we encourage you to go find the “Segways” in other group’s budgets.

Sign the Flipside Special Fees Petition to get us on the ballot!

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